Garage Doors

Gate Service LLC is a full-service garage door company in Richardson that takes great pride in what we we do. Our garage door specialists are professional, courteous, and ready to help you overcome any garage door problem at any time. All of our team members are carefully trained. Not only that, it’s our promise to demonstrate respect for your time and property. We understand that it’s a privilege to be invited and to serve you, and we won’t disappoint.

When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’ll receive more than an install or repair. As dedicated, caring specialists, we listen to your concerns and brainstorm convenient solutions that match your needs. As a final touch, we also go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right and on time—every time.

Garage Door Replacement

We provide an extensive stock and selection of garage doors, including a wide range of brands, styles, and models that best meet your overall taste to make your garage door installation a breeze! To mention a few, Amarr, Clopay, WayneDalton, Hormann, Raynor and C.H.I. are some of the dependable manufacturers to whom our clients return to time and time again. However, if you have your heart set on a specific make or model of garage door, there is a strong chance that we can install it for you and provide reliable maintenance for the foreseeable future!

When you use Gate Service LLC for your next garage door installation, your property will not only appear nicer from the street, but its market value will also rise considerably, making your home more valuable in the long run! Simply placing a new garage door on your property that is more contemporary and attractive than the one it now has can drastically change the appearance of your entire house! All things considered, the cost of installing a new garage door is relatively modest compared to the costs of many other home upgrades!

Garage Door Repair

There are a A number of factors can contribute to your garage door’s suboptimal performance. While some of these issues might seem straightforward for someone more familiar and comfortable with a DIY approach, trusting your garage door to a professional garage door repair technician is always a smart choice. Not only do the experts at Gate Service LLC come with the right tool and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring efficient and accurate repairs, but they also we also prioritize the safety of your family and home—a critical consideration given the complexities and potential hazards associated with various garage door hardware.  

Most common garage door repairs are:

A common cause for garage door repairs is a broken garage door spring. While many assume the garage door opener shoulders the brunt of the weight, it’s actually the springs that do the heavy lifting! In fact, garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and the garage door springs lighten the door’s load, ensuring you can manually lift it during emergencies or power failures. The garage door spring ensures even weight distribution across the garage door, making for a smoother and more balanced operation each time it’s activated. Some of the reasons why a garage door spring can break include:


Rust can accumulate on garage door springs, leading to increased friction and weakened coils. When this happens, it significantly reduces the spring’s overall lifespan.

Regular Wear and Tear

Garage door springs typically have a life span of about 10,000 cycles, with one cycle being an open and close action. Frequent usage, especially in homes with several users, can increase wear and tear. Some specialized springs are designed for 20,000 cycles, but without these, springs can break prematurely.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

While garage door springs eventually wear down, when that happens hinges heavily on regular maintenance. A skilled technician can predict when springs are close to failure, helping prevent unexpected incidents.

With every garage door, cables are installed on each side of the garage door, playing an important role in opening and closing your garage. With the help of extension and torsion springs, these cables allow the door to move up and down smoothly. Typically if you see that the garage door cables are broken, it is best not to use the garage door as you can risk breaking the other cable or causing more damage to your system. In addition to similar issues from other malfunctioning components, some of the signs of broken garage door cables include:

Door off Track

If you notice that your garage door is uneven or misaligned, chances are that the cable on one side is broken. When this happens, trying to use your garage could cause it to hit other components of your garage door system and cause further damage.

Faulty Bearings

Garage door cables run through the bearings. If these bearings fail, they can accelerate wear and tear on garage door cables. Signs of this include squeaking or grinding sounds during door movement, and sometimes, a faint burning odor due to the defective bearings.

Slow Door Opening & Closing

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing as it typically does or is completely stuck, the cables might require replacement. Indicators include the door moving significantly slower or faster than normal. Observing such changes often signals the need for repairs.

The horizontal and vertical tracks of garage doors play a pivotal role in guaranteeing smooth operation. When the garage door tracks are bent, the rollers and door can have a difficult time opening or even staying firm on the tracks. In other words, bent tracks can mean that your garage door won’t open or can fall off. You may have bent garage door tracks if you are experiencing the following:

Shaking Garage Door

Unusual door shaking, suggests that the track is bent. Such issues can escalate to accidents if overlooked. The door might be off its track, risking damage to nearby objects.

Uneven Door Movement

If your door opens or closes unevenly, it might be misaligned from its track. While it might seem tempting to fix it yourself, it’s crucial to remember the door’s substantial weight. A mishandled adjustment can lead to damages or severe injuries.

Rail Damage

Inspect your garage door rails for visible dents or damages. Even minor imperfections can evolve into significant issues impacting the entire system. For smooth operation and safety, ensure rails are promptly repaired or replaced when damaged.

Do you have one or two broken or discolored panels on your garage door that are really an eye-sore on your home? You may not realize it, but you can repair single panels without replacing the entire door – and we can assist with garage door panel repair and replacement services.

You’re here because your garage door has seen better days, whether it was nicked or dented by your car or is simply showing signs of wear and tear from time and weather. At the same time, however, it is still functioning and gets the job done. At Gate Service LLC our team of skilled techs can help you select the perfect replacement panels – in wood, steel or aluminum – and install the replacements when they arrive.

If there isn’t a perfect color match available, have no worries. We have a solution for that as well! We can order panels that are of the same material and style as your current garage door and then you can have them repainted to match the rest of the door. This even gives you the opportunity to select a whole new color and give your garage door a face-lift. Nothing improves curb appeal quite like a pop of fresh color on a garage door.

Garage door roller replacement typically takes place roughly every seven years. Like garage door springs, your rollers also have a life span of a certain number of cycles. Operating your garage door with faulty rollers or rollers that are not adequately lubricated, can place undue strain on the pricier components of the garage door. It also depends on the type of material your garage door rollers are made from such as plastic, steel or nylon. Some of the common signs that your garage door rollers need to be replaced include:

Excessive Door Vibrations

As garage door rollers degrade, the wear can lead to the door shaking or vibrating excessively during its motion. If your garage door appears to derail during use, it’s a strong indication that a roller replacement might be in order. During our regular maintenance and assessment, we conduct safety evaluations and make sure all parts are in peak working order.

Door Alignment Issues

A clear sign that your rollers need replacement is frequent garage door misalignment. The garage door roller ensures the whole system stays aligned for proper function. If your door consistently comes out of its track or seems unhinged, it’s time to consider new rollers.

Noisy Garage Door Operation

When your garage door is making excessive noise during operation, usually this can be pin-pointed to the rollers. While lubrication might sometimes alleviate the noise, it’s advisable to consult a service technician. They can assess whether a repair or replacement is needed.

The garage door hardware include hinges, drums, bearing plates, center bearing, struts, torsion tube, etcetera. those are a parts that frequently broke or need maintenance. Don’t cause mayor damage but are important parts that keep working the door.